Convert social into actionable.
SYNMO is a powerful new mobile application that enables you to convert social media posts into useful lists.
SYNMO lets you remember things on-the-go.
Let SYNMO create smart-lists for you while you're browsing Instagram!
Index by location.
SYNMO instantly converts social media posts from businesses or points of interests into links that you can access later
Create your own personal hit-lists
Organise your favourite spots into unique lists based on location, type, or whatever you like (i.e Brunch Spots etc.)
Share your lists.
Access lists from friends and strangers based on tags, categories and locations.
Travel the right way
Make lists well in advance for places you dream about visiting.
Location-based nudges
Never miss out on nearby spots you have always wanted to visit.
Share your smart lists with your network. Never have to ask for a recommendation again.
Join your community of friends and family. Create group hit lists together.
Great for online shopping, nomads, travellers and foodies.
You can index just about anything, but SYNMO works best for a few categories in particular.
Prepare for trips by sharing social media posts related to your destination with SYNMO and letting it remember the restaurants, activities and destinations you have come across in the months or years leading up to travel.
Articles, books and literature.
See something you might want to read later? Share the post to SYNMO and you'll never miss out on great reads. The list of unread items will be waiting for you when you open the app.
Bars and lounges.
Evening outings and meetups are easy with SYNMO. See the list of places you've come across on social media and have been itching to try out!
With location-based nudges, get reminders if you're near a spot you've SYNMO'D.
Never Miss Out Again.
See it in action.
We're working on making SYNMO as powerful as possible.
Stay in the loop and we will let you know when it's ready to be used!
*no spam, we promise :)
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Social feeds are full of inspiration. Friends share burger joints, music and products that we often want to 'save for later'. Well, now you can create bucket lists for your future travels, future shopping and future dining.
If you want to remember it later, SYNMO it now.
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